*As a rule, I only post recipes when they revolutionize my life.  Amy and I have had this dish more or less every day for the last few weeks.  I’m not tired of it yet, so that’s something.  The kids aren’t fans, but that just means I don’t have to make it as often.  Okay, that out of the way, here is the recipe:

Overall I’m pretty good at the low sugar, low(ish) carb, paleo(ish) way of eating.  I’m good at getting enough fat.  I love meat and don’t seem to get bored of it.  And I’ve come up with decent replacements for the junky carbs I used to enjoy.  But one thing does kinda elude me.

I’m just not that good at eating my veggies.

Dining out?  No problem.  I prefer salads, even at dinner.  But when I get home, the prep time and general hatred of waste makes regular incorporation of veggies rather difficult.  So I’ve been looking for a way to increase my veggie consumption in a relatively easy way.  This way also should not involve having to shop more often or mean having to buy veggies in such large quantity that I end up throwing half of them out.  Plus this needs to be moderately amenable for a family of 8.  The bar has been set high.

A good place to start is crustless quiche (or egg bake) but I wanted to make it something I could get excited about eating almost every day.  And for lunch too.

It turned out that the key was cream cheese and, for me, the specific means by which the quiche is reheated.  Here’re my step-by-step instructions.

You’ll need:

12-24 eggs, veggies of choice, meat of choice, cream cheese and cheese.  So obviously, this is not dairy-free.  You could make it without cheese, but it’s not going to taste nearly as good.


Start with a large stock pot.  I browned a pound of hot Italian sausage with a medium onion, diced.  Don’t drain the fat.


I cut up some broccoli into bite size pieces and added some broccoli slaw for good measure.  You want to cook until not quite al dente.  Do not overcook; you want to soften it just a bit and incorporate all the onion and sausage flavor into the veggies.  You can season it at this point too.


Spray a 9 x 13 baking dish and dump your meat and veggie mix into it.  You could add olives at this point or sun dried tomatoes or anything you want at this point.  I know this combo works for me though, so I stick with it.  Level the meat and veggies and feel free to compress them down into the pan slightly.


Now beat your eggs in a separate dish and slowly start pouring them into your pan.  They should quickly soak into the mix.  You want the eggs to mostly cover the veggies and meat, but not so much that there’s going to be a obvious layer of plain egg in the finished product.


Now comes the crucial part.  Cut your cream cheese into dime-diameter cubes that are about half as thick.  I used 4 oz of cream cheese in this example and it was a good amount.  You want the chunks to be rather evenly disbursed and yes, your hands will get covered in cream cheese as you do this.


Before you put it the oven, cover the top with cheese.  I’ll typically use that Mexican shredded mix from Costco, but this time I had some Chipotle Gouda so I covered it with that.


Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until the center is definitely done.  I’m not sure how to check this; I just know that there should be zero liquid when you cut into it.  Any liquid means it needs more time.


Of course you can enjoy it now, but who has time to spend an hour preparing and waiting for breakfast.  The real magic in this dish is making it and being able to eat it all week long with little to know preparation.  The next morning, cut out a few long, thin slices.


Next,  spray your frying pan and cook the slices as if they were mini sticks of French toast.  You want to add some nice color to each side.  If you cut the slices the right size, this is all the reheating you’ll need.


Top with Tabasco or Sriracha, salt and pepper.  Or enjoy as is.  The chunks of cream cheese are magical and the protein content is off the charts.  With your cruciferous veggies on board along with all all the fat you need to maximize absorption of all those fat-soluble nutrients, you will dominate whatever tasks your day holds.


Go forth and eat your veggies for breakfast.



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