This is one of those recipes that deserves a post.  It is not only tasty but highly functional and will make your life better.

Of course, I’m not the first person to put butter and coconut stuff in coffee.  Folks all over the internet are doing it.  I learned about it from this guy, but I don’t follow his recipe exactly.  Any truly functional recipe should also concern itself with economics.  The very idea of a functional recipe includes the notion that it is a meal or snack that you want to incorporate regularly into your life.  You want to create the habit of consuming the end products of a functional recipe.  Habits need to be affordable and relatively easy.

Before we get into the “how” about power coffee, I want to briefly lay out the “why” you should give this stuff a shot.

The idea of breakfast is hotly contested among health gurus.  While many people believe that breakfast is the “the most important meal of the day” I have come to disagree with that notion.  For beings who want or need to grow (basically kids, pregnant women and “hardgainer” adults) or those with professions that are physically demanding, I would tend to mark breakfast as important.  However that is not most people.  My peers tend to be at a point where growth is not wanted. Spiritual growth and character growth are fine, but not the kind that makes you have to buy new clothes.  Avoiding this kind of growth generally requires limiting consumption.  Skipping an entire meal goes a long way toward lowering overall consumption, provided there aren’t other undesirable consequences.

I believe that far more good than bad can come from skipping breakfast.  When you wake up in the morning, your hormonal pump is primed for fat burning.  Since part of that hormonal profile includes cortisol (think of it like a fat storage hormone in this context) being at its highest point in the day, consuming carbs of any kind will turn this metabolic advantage on its head.  However, fasting can further enhance this fat-burning effect, particularly with regards to the stubborn midsection fat that seems to stick around.  Consuming fat by itself is very similar to fasting.  Consuming fat + coffee creates a near perfect environment for burning fat and minimizing the hunger pangs that may accompany skipping breakfast.

But what if you want to partake in some physically demanding activity?  Wouldn’t it be sweet if there was a thing that your body treated like a fat as far as hormones are concerned but burned like a carb as far as energy is concerned?  That miracle food has a name: medium-chain triglycerides.  The best source for them is coconut oil.

If you do any kind of resistance training, you should know by now that creatine supplementation is essential.  It’s nearly impossible to get adequate levels from food.  I don’t care if you are male or female and it really doesn’t matter what your particular goals are, creatine is extremely likely to be a help you.  And it’s about the cheapest supplement you can buy, so you really have no excuse.  You can read more here about how it works and how much to take, but honestly the only issue for me is that it doesn’t mix very well in a typical shaker bottle.  The last little bit always tastes like I’m drinking sand.  That’s not a problem with power coffee.

Okay, now on to the primary subject of this post.  First, here are the ingredients:


These are all things that store well, don’t really go bad, and are more or less easy to find.

A Keurig is not necessary, but it does make things easy.  I would say the taste of coffee that comes out of the Keurig is “good enough”.  Keurig wins because on the scale of  Easy – Cheap – Tasty, it tops all things on Easy while scoring pretty well on both Cheap and Tasty.  For where our life is at right now, I’m willing to trade some flavor for convenience.  Thus the Keurig.

I brew a medium size cup from the Keurig.  And by medium I mean the one you don’t see in the picture below.



That gives the right amount of coffee for my insulated travel cup.  About this much:


I dump that into the Vitamix and, working quickly to avoid the coffee getting too cool, add a generous pat of Kerrygold UNSALTED pastured butter.  Any unsalted butter can work here, but it’s really worth it to opt for the Kerrygold stuff, even if only for the taste (not considering all the CLAs).  People who for whatever reason when with a different type of unsalted butter reported poor flavor and a more oily end product.  Use what you must but realize that skimping on quality here may screw the whole thing up.


Now add a liberal heaping tablespoon of Nutiva virgin coconut oil.  No expeller-pressed stuff here.  That’s fine for other uses but you want the taste of the virgin stuff for this application.  It’s part of the magic.  I am seldom considered liberal, but happily so when regarding the quantity of healthy fat in my coffee.  That spoon, by the way, is one of the larger-sized spoons.


When considering your own power coffee, please keep in mind that I’m about 230 lbs and pretty active, so my caloric needs may possibly surpass yours.  You may want to be a little less aggressive on the butter or fat or both.  I’ll also mention at this time that is by no means a low-calorie treat.  You do not want to consume this alongside your morning bagel and cream cheese.  However if you enjoy a lower carb style of eating and are mindful of the benefits of being able to rely on fat for your energy needs, this may find its way into your daily rotation.

Now add 5+ grams of creatine.  This is about 1/2 of a 10 gram scoop.  I paid the extra dollar for the name brand creatine but I probably won’t next time.  Creatine monohydrate will suffice.  5 grams is fine.  If you are loading creatine, feel free to double it for a week or so to get it into your system.


The bottom of your blender will look like this.


Starting on low, slowly build up until you get a nice frothy mix.  It’ll just take a few seconds.  You won’t need to hit full blast on a Vitamix, but pretty close.  Lesser blenders may need full blast.  Do not shake or stir.  You are not James Bond and this ain’t no martini.  You will not get the fats fully emulsified in the coffee without some powerful blending action.  This is key to getting the right flavor.  You need that frothiness in order to experience the full force of power coffee.  It’ll look like this:


You’ll note that the volume has increased and it now fits perfectly in your Costco stainless-steel mug.


Give this treat tool a shot and see if it works for you.  Maybe try skipping breakfast a few times a week.  I know for our family that breakfast is an important social time.  The eight of us all gather and have our family devotional time.  So I can’t really skip breakfast.  But this allows me to participate in the social aspect of breakfast and not feel like I’m depriving myself at all.  Give it a shot and let me know how you feel.




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  3. Thalia says:

    Easy+Cheap+Tasty= k-cups? the credibility of this post fizzled out with that equation. A cup-sized drip funnel or a french press would be a better long term solution, better for the earth too.

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