My Disclaimer

I’m far from any kind of expert.  I’ve read a lot of books and online articles on weight loss and metabolic deficiency, but I’ve never had any formal training of any kind.  Many of the philosophies I’ve arrived at come from proving conclusively that certain strategies don’t work.  At least not for me.  All I’ve done is figure out how to lose a chunk of weight and maintain that weight loss, so far indefinitely.

So the standard disclaimer at this point would be that everyone is different so you may need to do different things because we are all unique snowflakes, blah, blah, blah.


I share things here because I think what worked for me will work for a lot of folks out there; most even.  I’ll say this with particular regards to men, as I am more familiar with what drives men and causes them to fail.  Remember, I am first and foremost an expert at failure in the realm of dieting.

And while I fully believe that many men can be successful doing what I did, I also acknowledge that the number one most important factor in my success in this way of eating was that I stuck with it.  I lasted through peaks and valleys and grew with the diet long enough for it to fundamentally change the way I thought about, shopped for, and prepared food.  Initially, the idea of starting with sugar addiction resonated with me as the root problem.  I needed simple rules and simple explanations.  I realize now in hindsight that the 15 minutes it took to read Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure completely altered the course of my life and set me  on the journey to my personal dietary holy grail.

But keep in mind that I’m right now probably only about 30-40 or so lbs below my heaviest weight.  The composition of my body (fat to muscle ratio) has changed dramatically, but I’m not going to win the biggest loser.  I’m aware that my approach isn’t likely to work for everyone.  But not because we are all different physically; I think 95% of us are physiologically quite similar.  But we are diverse in what motivates us to succeed and causes us to fail.

I believe my approach can help the man who is finally willing to acknowledge that no, my pants aren’t feeling tighter because my wife is washing them too hot.  If you want to be rail thin so you can fit into fancy woman’s jeans, you should probably quit reading now.  My idea of body recomposition is not to be skinny, weak, and useless, but fit, strong, confident and capable.  The hard work it’s going to take to restore your metabolism to a healthy state and maintain that health through fundamental changes in lifestyle is not worth it if the only reward you seek is to look better with your shirt off.  The reward for recapturing your health and understanding how to maintain it indefinitely is far greater.

In this blog I’ll do my best to lay out the path I took in a systematic way.  I hope you find it useful.  I advise you to start at the beginning.

2 Responses to My Disclaimer

  1. Tony Keeler says:

    Mike -

    I’ll apologize in advance for posting a totally off the wall question compared to the rest of your blog topics…

    I found an old CrossFit Discussion Board thread that had Oly Shoe comparisons. Anyway – you mentioned owning basically all of the brands out there, and I need sizing help. How did the reebok Oly’s differ from the Nike Romaleos? There are no retail spots for the Nike’s around me – so I’m hoping to get this right on my first shot when ordering online.

    Thanks for your help.


    • Mike says:

      No worries Tony. I have owned Reeboks and Pendlays (new kind) and old Rips from Rogue. I think these days most of the companies are rather competent in making shoes and they are fitting more or less true to size. If your foot is between sizes, then you may have to experiment to find that perfect fit, but I wear a size 12 and I’ve never been disappointed with any should I’ve tried in that size. WL shoes also have those velcro straps that can cinch you down really tight, even if the shoe is a little too big.

      My advice would be to order the shoe in your normal size. Everyone I know who has Romaleos has done so and no one is unhappy. That said, in comparing the new Pendlays with the Romaleos that everyone has, they appear to be nearly identical. For $50 less, I would go w/ the Pendlays. If you are very picky when it comes to shoes, then you may just have to figure in the cost of ordering two pair of shoes and sending one back. You can do that w/ Pendlays and still end up cheaper than the romaleos. Just make sure the return policy allows for this.

      Good luck. See ya on the boards.

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